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It is used directly to check the condition of machines and devices throughout the production site with the use of HSE checklists.

This module creates health and safety checklists and supervises the current situation in the workplace or in a dispersed enterprise. In addition, new devices to the system and new users are added to the environment. New QR codes are also created here.

Each machine or device has its own unique QR code generated in the web-browser app. After scanning the QR code, the Xafy Safey App will automatically take you to the appropriate Health and Safety checklist.

After scanning the QR code on a specific machine, all previously performed inspections will be accessible through the app

The health and safety checklist is intuitively filled in with short yes or no answers.

During the filling out of the checklist, apart from short answers, it is possible to add open questions, add photo attachments to report malfunctions and enter the name and surname of the person completing the checklist. It is also possible to expand the scope of the questions of the safety checklist.

All completed checklists that have been sent are shown here. The first view shows data allowing for the identification of the machine, e.g. serial number, name, category of the device. But the most important element of the system is color coding and status. The logic embedded in the Xafy Safety App predicts three situations. The machine is operational - green, the machine has minor faults, e.g. the operator's seat is worn - yellow - allows you to continue working. Otherwise, the machine is marked with a red color which means 'out of order'.

View of the machinery management segment. Generate free QR codes

The question type allows you to choose between single and multiple choice answers, add a text box, add signature or add photos.

To avoid the tedious creation of the same checklist for each machine of the same type, a category system has been created. This solution allows you for example to assign the same checklist to all forklifts throughout the warehouse with one click.

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