xafy safety app safety audit app hse checklist conduct ladder checklist for a safe workplace just do it never compromise on workers

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safety audit app xafy safety app ladder checklist hse checklist

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Xafy safety app - a safety audit app will streamline your ladder checklist flow

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09 February 2022

Safety audit app - ladder checklist

Check how our safety audit app - Xafy Safety App improves the process of conducting of daily and periodic inspections of machines and devices. Specially for our subscribers, a ready-made health and safety checklist for ladder. Just scan the attached QR code and our safety audit app will automatically take you to the appropriate form and display the ladder checklist. Safety audit app - Xafy Safety App is available in the Google Play store for Android devices. Contact us to create your own forms tailored to your business.


Our ladder checklist consists of several questions. Some questions are obligatory. This means that the safety check app - Xafy Safety App will not allow you to submit the completed form. It is dangerous to work when ladder checklist are neglected and you begin to work on a ladder lacking bars. You will not be able to miss such an important task with the Xafy Safety App. A properly completed health and safety checklist is the basis for the application algorithm that will give the device or machine the appropriate status. If all the answers are marked safe for work, the message 'safe work' will be displayed on a green background on a screen. If there were minor issues among the ehs audit questions, a 'watch out' message will appear with a yellow background, but the work can be carried out. However, if we provide an answer that causes an unacceptable risk for the employee, the message 'work forbidden' will appear on a red background. Health and safety checklists must correspond to the working conditions in a given company, therefore the questions can be freely edited in the form creator.


Scan QR code down below and check our ladder checklist.


xafy safety app safety audit app hse checklist conduct ladder checklist for a safe workplace just do it never compromise on workers


Occupational health and safety is a constantly evolving field of shaping the work environment. New issues are constantly appearing in it, as are attempts to connect the digital world with the world of production - seemingly disjointed. However, it is worth bearing in mind the latest trends and constant striving to optimize processes. Technological novelties are also reaching Poland and our native IT giants have joined the race containing keywords such as internet of things or industry 4.0. No production company can afford to fall behind the competition not only of the Polish market, but above all the global one.

Download the Xafy Safety App and scan the QR code below to go to the appropriate form.



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