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19 April 2022

How to use Xafy Safety App - safety audit app to ensure safe holiday shutdown.

How are you doing after Easter break? Have your company shut down for that few days of holiday? Have you implemented shut down procedures or have you been wondering if you have left an oven on? Be sure to close down your company in a safe manner with a little help from a safety checklist app - Xafy Safety App. Use digital and QR code enhanced app to streamline your lockdown hse checklists.


Before you commence to enjoy Easter break make sure to properly lock your site. First things first, make sure that the production sequence is all done. Xafy Safety App examples:


  • Is machinery thoroughly emptied of all liquids, powders or other mediums? You want to avoid uncontrolled chemical reactions.
  • Is machinery fully stopped? Look for Lock Out Tag Out instructions.
  • Are utilities such as electricity, natural gas, compressed air, nitrogen closed or disconnected?
  • Are all entry points shut?


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Using our safety checklist app you can also make sure that all entry points to your premises are covered and locked. In Xafy Safety App web panel you are able to generate hse checklists specific to your site. It is simple, just scan a QR code and our safety app will guide you through locations that needs to be attended to. By using our safety checklist app you decrease the likelihood of skipping any area. It would be a great chance for a thief or someone inattentive to enter your production facility.

After few days of celebration you are back to work. Your mind is still away but our safety audit app will provide guidance on what needs to be done in order to restart your facility. Follow the link below and try our shutdown/restart hse checklists yourself. Another feature  is that every hse checklist will be stored in a cloud and therefore accessible at all times from anywhere in the world.

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