Safety Audit App Xafy Safety app am HSE checklist solution use safety check app now

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Safety Audit App Xafy Safety app am HSE checklist solution use safety check app now

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Xafy safety app - a safety audit app will streamline your hse checklist flow

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Safety Audit App Xafy Safety app am HSE checklist solution use safety check app now
27 January 2022

How to choose safety check app? Not only about Xafy Safety App. Safety audit app comparison

Ongoing digitization of the world means that every person weaves new mobile applications into their lives. This creates completely new businesses and completely new views on services and new opportunities. We have dating apps, taxi hauling apps, food ordering apps and even a hairdresser appointment app available. In fact, you won't even enter grocery store without an app. What if we wanted to use mobile applications in the workplace? Today we will review the IT solutions market and will not be focusing on solution our safety audit app - Xafy Safety App.


1. Safety check app

Various types of applications have already appeared on the Polish and global market to facilitate the work of people dealing with occupational health and safety. I will distinguish two categories here that combine but do not interpenetrate. Safety check app - Xafy Safety App that facilitates a specific task - health and safety checklists and regular HSE apps that support the work of the health and safety professionals as a whole.


Our safety audit app - Xafy Safety App where you are able to fill out HSE checklists. The idea is very simple, our safety check app serves the entire plant, ensuring supervision over the circulation of information, but also a means of maintaining, in a very soft way, discipline. The employee checks the machine or device after scanning the QR code, which will take it to the appropriate HSE checklist, operative sends the check, and the results are visible in the administrator panel. Site managers, maintenance managers, and of course the HSE proffesionals can view it and act accordingly. On the advantages side, we have a database of completed HSE checklist and we are getting rid of paper forms. On the downside, we have to use mobile devices, which is not always advisable in the work environment.


Regular HSE app solutions supporting the daily performance of the OHS service duties. In this case, each OHS application allows you to issue certificates, keep registers, and create reports on near misses and accidents. Generally speaking, everything that is done today in general office programs is transferred to a dedicated panel. The use of a dedicated platform for the OHS service in most cases also allows for easy monitoring of matters related to maintaining an appropriate health and safety condition from the statistical point of view. The publishers of this type of software provide many widgets where OHS in numbers is readily available.


2. Chemical safety apps

Lawmakers do not pamper production plants with the amount of legislation they make. This is an opportunity for software producers to streamline and automate repetitive activities. One of the pillars of control over chemical substances is the circulation of MSDs and we have an extensive IT solution here, the second platform approaches the issues related to chemical safey in the plant more holistically.


Depending on the size of the plant, a person dealing with chemical substances supervises from a dozen to even several hundred records. Keeping your SDSs up-to-date can be a challenge not to mention to systematically familiarize your staff with SDSs. Some manufacturers of chemical products have portals where you can easily download the latest version of the sheet, but what if it is not? There is nothing else but direct contact, e.g. by e-mail, and sometimes this is where the fun begins. But what if someone else monitored all SDSs on our behalf? Exactly this question was answered by an American company from the health and safety industry and has been a tycoon in this field for years.


The second, polish chemical management platform, has gone one step further. In addition to controlling SDSs, they also offer easy and automatic label generation. This is especially beneficial for companies that are forced to spill semi-finished products and use chemical substances in packaging other than the original one in its technological processes. An additional, very interesting and very timely function is the automatic generation of 'pocket' safety data sheets. In addition, there are functions dedicated to the EU legislation. These are emission calculators, such as VOC, or the so-called Sevesian establishments.


The trend is obvious. The further specialization of the software is currently underway, and thanks to this, specialists receive tools dedicated to their profiles. Will the use of a standard office software stop working? Certainly not, but the emphasis on productivity and work efficiency prevents companies from lagging behind.


If you want to get to know the safety audit app Xafy Safety App or if you want to know specific names of solutions described here, please fill out the contact form.

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